Zombies, the REAL issue

Zombies are terrible, there I said it. They are worse than WarZ's AI, worse than DayZ, why?

-They have a stupid hit radius I can be a meter away and they still somehow hit me even thought they aren't close enough. This NEEDS to be fixed asap.

  • Spawns are terrible, they usually never spawn in towns but rather they spawn around the player (50-150m) which
  • Gives your position away when there's 90 around you making you a easy target.
  • You never escape them. Even if you are at the edge of the Map they will still spawn around you. They need to make it where they have actual SPAWN points not player spawn system.

  • Combat is bad, unless you have a bow, crossbow, or gun they will hit you when you hit them 99% of the time, this makes melee combat dumb. Picture the Walking Dead or any zombie themed thing, they have HIT DELAY and momentum pushes them the opposite direction depending on the force of impact, which this game needs. Hit delay provides you with a chance of killing a zombie without getting hit every time, but useless in hords of zombies. A good system would be 2 seconds with nice animations. This would also encourage more PVE combat.

  • Navigation isn't terrible, but it isn't good. If a zombie is chasing you ya can simply circle a tree jump over a box and it confuses them and makes them run around pointlessly. A fix for this would be nice.

  • Infection. If you get hit by a zombie you should have around a 75% chance of getting the H1 virus. It makes no sence that you don't. This is a story issue, how do all the zombies get the virus in the first place? Is the remaining survivors immune to H1?

  • Zombie mutations. Since screamer, red gas zombies, etc were introduced it would make since to add zombie mutations. Would be nice to see eg, a large muscular zombie that walks slow buy does 50% HP, or maybe a zombie that is really short and fast and hits really fast? Just a few ideas.

Basically new hit radius, make zombies not spawn around players but rather spawnpoints, hit delay, and improved navigation would drastically improve the survival aspect yo this game because it is quite lacking in it's current state.

Any other ideas you guys want to share to improve zombies?

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