Zombie hitbox’s still not fixed? Added permanent shadows? Really?

Okay so after not playing for a long time, I come back on to find the zombies even more HARDER to kill and they kill you a lot easier. I find myself far away from them and they are still managing to hit me even though I am no where near them! I have footage of me hitting zombies endless times and they are not dying. I was holding a fireaxe and it was invisible zombies would not die. It seems to be getting worse. Also bow and arrows keep jamming and double loading also shooting in some random places. Wolves are hitting me even though I am also away from them. How is this the only game I play where this happens? Why is this still a major issue?

Also shadows, I been reading and its something to do with well people will be disadvantaged and blah blah. Well people who have to have low quality shadows are even more disadvantaged because its pitch black in huge chunks instead of neat shadows. Why did you not allow us to turn them off? Surely it can't be because of the whining? I didn't see no complaints.

This game actually feels A LOT worse than it was a year ago. Yeah I'm complaining but dam, you made this game worse!

I would just like to add also that stun grenades and gas grenades have no effect on zombies

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