Your favorite weapons and why.

So after looking around and not being able to find a ton of info on all the various weapons ingame i decided to spend a good few hours testing them all ingame and asking peoples opinions on what weapon they prefer.

So for me i usually take the musket as i use it to snipe enemy captains quite regularly and i view it as a better choice than the blunderbuss at times, but for hoy boarding i use the nockgun sometimes for a quick easy kill. For secondary its a tossup between the standard pistol and the matchlock revolver, both are 1 shot kills but the standard pistol is way more accurate at range and pistol sniping is common. But if you have a piece of tape or 3rd party program to put a reticle on your screen the matchlock revolver can be devestating and i often have gotten 3 kills in a row with its 3 shots in boarding actions making it quite the force multiplier at close range.

Some side opinions: The annley revolver is cool but basically pointless in my eyes and the duckfoot is for those who cant aim and you wont get any multi kills with it either really, The nockgun is niche and i only use it for short small battles where I dont trust the blunderbuss for instant kills as i stated above i use it for 1v1, 2v2 hoy battles when grappling. The hand mortar just isn't my style nor are grenades as i hate staring at a 100+ sec respawn timer when grappled so i go for health but ive seen and had a few amazing grenade kills, if the launcher had more ammo or could be refilled than i might use it more. The baby pistol is just garbage sont use it, its reload time is only about a second faster than the standard, has lower range, accuracy, and cannot kill anyone unless its a headshot.

Well these are my opinions i hope to get yours as well.

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