You want to know how to make silver? This is how…

So there was a video posted not long ago that is meant to give you an idea on how to earn silver. Ignore it, that video is completely worthless for the most part. Said video can be found here…

The guy did his best, but lets go over it and correct his errors.

Method I:

Encounters are complete garbage after the daily run that nets you the Sigil. I hate even having to do them once for an item we need to craft with. The silver gained is a joke for the time it can take to clear though the place depending on your character build. The group encounters are not much better.

DO NOT DO ENCOUNTERS ENDLESSLY TO GET RICH. You run them once a day to get the bonus rewards and then move on with your life.

Method II:

Building your farm early is a very good idea. Selling your starter GOLD to get the silver to rush it right away is not. DO NOT SELL YOUR GOLD AT THE START OF THE GAME. Rush to wearing / crafting T3 – T4 Gear (Should only take a few hours) and earn the silver you need to start your farm through silver farming mob spawns. I will go over this below.

Method III:

For the love of god do not sell your materials. Use them. Either yourself or a guild member can use those materials to get ahead in crafting. Assign a guild member to each type of crafting and feed them the resources they need to get the guild into T4 gear as soon as humanly possible. Everyone should eventually get to making their own T4 gear, but at the beginning feeding a single person the mats will get you out farming silver faster.

Method IV:

Playing the market is smart.

Method V:

Yes, buy GOLD with the Silver you earn by actually making silver the smart way.

Lets go over that now…

Step 1

Get into T3 / T4 gear ASAP

Step 2

Be able to replace the gear readily

Step 3

Get out to blackzone T3 / T4 / T5 mob spawns and earn anywhere from 120 silver per kill to 900 silver per kill (Depending on group size)

SOLO – T3 mobs drop 120 silver – T4 mobs drop 200+ –

TWO MAN PARTY – T5 mobs dropping 900 silver per kill –

If you really want to stay in safe zones try to run T4 / T5 group dungeons with a small party. Decent silver but no where near the value of Blackzone mob kill.


You can also make decent silver by rushing your crafting skills. Be one of the first people that can make T4 gear and you can make early bank by the idiots who are selling their GOLD for silver right at the start. I was selling T4 leather armor peices for 10K a pop because I was one of the first to have some on the market. If you do it right you can sell the armor you make, buy more of the raw materials from the market and craft more to sell and / or study to rush to T5. I did a bit of both and was one of the first to be making T5 leather armor.

You can apply the same method to any crafting skill.

That’s it folks, go make real silver. Get out of the starting areas. I barely see anyone in the blackzone areas and I am profiting because of it. Play safe and only take what you can afford to replace through crafting. Most people in blackzones are only wearing T4 right now. Very few like myself are in T5 because we can replace it easily.

You can do all this quite easily with a small group of people.

Best of luck.

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