‘You Just Suck’ – Or ‘Why You Belong In Bronze’

Hey, guys, what's up – I'm gl00my, no capital G and no Oh's. I've been playing Smite for awhile and I've been up and down in elo. But, I can attest to the fact that I belonged wherever I was. And you know what? You probably do, too.

TL;DR: No, you can read this, I believe in you. Or don't. That's okay, too.

1. Your hardware set-up and/or internet is trash.

No, that 25-30 FPS you pull killing minions is not helping your play – and that 10-15 you get in a team fight is no better. Your reaction time will never be as good as someone who can actually see everything going on in front of them. Which brings me to my second point: no, 150 ping is not okay. Both the tortoise and the hare would beat you across the finish line.

Upgrade your hardware and get a better internet provider(don't play on wifi).

2. You think you're above your teammates.

Going into a game with the mindset that your teammates are drooling babies will do nothing but inflate your own ego and cause you to screw over your team. I can't tell you how night and day it was when I started trusting my teammates – or at the very least, going along with their 'nonsense.'

What? Now WASN'T the time for your tank to dive in? Stop stroking your infinite knowledge and dive with him. Focus fire, and then even if one of you dies, a kill is actually possible. Oh, you both died? Suck it up. Now instead of your tank refusing to dive anymore because no one else comes with him, he's got a newfound trust and won't be tilted that his teammates think he's garbage.

There's power in numbers and by leaving your tank to 1v2/3, you're stacking the odds against him and your own win.

3. 'Helping' when it's a lost cause.

No, I am not contradicting myself. This applies primarily to support but DPS can also fall into this.

Picture it: Conquest, 15 minutes. You're Ymir going to support mid after your Scylla mashes VHH repeatedly. Their health is steadily declining. You see 4 or 5 mid. You've got this. You run and make it to mid. As you peer past the corner, Scylla is already belly-up like the sea monster she is. The 4 enemies see you and eat you alive.

It's just a numbers game. The likelihood of you succeeding in saving Scylla in mid from where you were while she was already under fire is slim to none. The likelihood of you even taking on 4 enemies solo is slim to none. You're alone.

Unless you're communicating with your team to coordinate an attack/counter-attack, don't go add a kill to their count.

But be clear: running alone into a fight that's gone on long enough for your teammate to be half health or less is suicide when you're outnumbered. Going in when your tank is tanking is just being a good DPS.

4. You build/play whatever the pros built/played at tournaments.

Never use the recommended builds. Always click "popular items." Always cross reference with the reddit or another resource. Please don't just build whatever pros are building. The environment is a lot different.

First of all, their ping is, like, 7. Second of all, they have enough mechanical skill and technical knowledge to play around/with their chosen builds. Even if their build is not perfect, their ability to rarely miss an auto may make up for that. The fact they are in a premade also makes up for it – have you seen the picks people choose when they have the comfort of playing with people who know them?

Doing what pros do is not always acceptable because of the different circumstances.

If you want to play Nox support or Cupid jungle, do it because you love the character and not because a streamer or pro player talked about it or did it. Without any real love for the character, you're just going to frustrate yourself. Which brings me to…

5. You just try too gosh durn hard.

Why? Calm down. It's a game. You want to practice 5+ hours a day? That's cool, I got you. You want to only play what's top tier? Whatever, I feel you. But for some people, that works and for some people it doesn't. For some people (that's you), it just sucks the life out of the game because you're not playing to have fun AND rank up. You're playing because you want a boost to your ego. The game is just a conduit. Maybe think about why ranking up matters so much to you. Why is it elo hell? Why isn't it just YOUR elo? Your elo is good enough.

That's all I got! I don't really see folks talking about many of these topics when discussing why you're in elo hell – just telling you to get a premade, or that you suck mechanically, or that you're just down on your luck. Hope I helped!

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