‘You Just Suck’ – Or ‘Why You Belong In Bronze’ Fixed

Some guy made a post on this sub before and a lot of it was stupid so I'm here to post my own thoughts.

I've been playing since 2013, I have 1000 games of ranked and currently two accounts in Diamond. I'm no pro player but I know my way around a Smite game decently.

First I'll look at the points in his post.

  1. Your hardware set-up and/or internet is trash.

This one is correct, low FPS and high ping make it harder to play well.

2.You think you're above your teammates.

This one started well but then veered off into nonsense. Trusting your team mates can be important but some times you should NOT follow up their ridiculous dives because instead of one person dying and your team being on the backfoot for a minute, 2 or 3 of you might die and then you lose much more.

I have been on both ends of that situation, I've not followed up a pro players play and gotten flamed for it and I've raged at team mates for just watching me engage and do nothing. It's not exactly a white and black matter when you should follow up and when you should leave them to die.

3.'Helping' when it's a lost cause.

This one is mostly correct, but sometimes a cause can seem lost and then the guy whips out the most epic jukes and buys an extra 5 seconds and you can save him. So again, not a black or white situation.

4.You build/play whatever the pros built/played at tournaments.

This guy said to ignore builds that the top players use and look towards the builds of average players on reddit or other sites. Nonsense

While some pro builds are situational, most are a step in the right direction compared to the Transcendence Rama or Lotus Crown Terra support you might see. You should pay attention to what the best players build because they are the best players and the items they build are a part of that.

Feel free to experiment with builds but the popular items tend to be popular for a reason.

First of all, their ping is, like, 7.

This person clearly has no idea about the pro scene.

5.You just try too gosh durn hard.

You want to only play what's top tier? Whatever, I feel you. But for some people, that works and for some people it doesn't.

Play what is top tier if you want to get to a higher division. Do you think I got to Diamond by playing Chiron, Raijin, Bakasura, Hades and Ymir? No. I played Apollo/Rama/Freya, Susano, Zeus/Pos/Janus, Nike/Herc and Khepri/Sylvanus.

The top picks/meta gods are top/meta for a reason. If you only want to play fun Gods then that will slow your improvement as a player.

Now I feel as if it's time for a few more points which may help you

6.The meta changes and so do the picks and bans.

It is insane how many people asked me to ban Freya/Ao Kuang and then flamed when I didn't at the start of season 4 (and still now).

We are currently in an early game meta so there is more priority on picks that give early pressure than those give very little until you reach mid/late game.

If you want to improve read the patch notes and keep up with the meta, maybe even watch some pro games.

7.Do not ever BM.

Now believe me, I am a hypocrit. I BM most games (not telling people to kill themselves, more like 'wtf, why did you do that?'), but ultimately BM NEVER HELPS YOUR TEAM. Do not do it, ever. No.

If you do feel the need to coach/guide someone, try to frame it positively/constructively. There is a world of difference between 'this idiot built x item on Freya' and 'I think y item would have been a better pickup on Freya'.

Sure sometimes you get assholes who don't give a fuck and tell you to do one even if you are nice, if that happens just ignore them they are a lost cause.

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