You can “Tame” every NPC in the game (BUG?)

Today some people discovered that you can hit NPC's / Animals with the Truncheon to make them passive / follow you around, and we went about discovering which mobs are effected by this. Note, that mobs will stop following after a certain range, and reset, but this currently allows you to cheese some of the bosses, as once pacified, they become just meat shields to take damage.

To note, certain mobs this works really well, other mobs really bugs them out.

Hyena: Bugs out, broken back glitch, still follows passively

Crocodile: Bugs out, broken back glitch, still follows passively

Spiders (Normal): Will follow you around passively

Spider Boss: Broken back glitch, still follows passively

Little Dragons: Mix of broken back glitch and normal passive following

Skeletons: Will look like they are knocked out, and will follow you passively while sliding on backs.

Ostrich's: Will follow passively

Turtles: Will follow passively

Rocknoses: Will follow passively

King Rocknoses: Will follow passively

Rhinos( All variants) will follow passively

Scorpions: Follow passively

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