You can only release a game for the first time once

The title might sound a lot dumber than it actually is. The project lead of Diabotical talked about this recently in one of his monthly updates. He is highly concerned about releasing his game in an unfinished state as a beta, as you put the game into the hands of paying customers. Once it is out there… well, it is out there. The scariness of beta as you actually have to deliver on your promises and the built-up expectations of your community. You only get this one chance. You have to do it right or you will have a reputation that will follow you for whatever you are doing next and it will impact the potential future growth of your current product.

In the special case of Battlegrounds I am concerned about the initial feedback of the first and second wave of game adopters that buy into early access. Not the hardcore enthusiasts of reddit that are currently present here reading this but the less informed and community-involved beta adopters. They will not have as much understanding about game performance and other things that are worthy of critique. The first wave of actual impressions by paying customers of a released product, no matter the state, will be immensely important for Battlegrounds moving forward. Compared to Battlerite, another early access game that was released some time ago, Battlegrounds is not that polished and fleshed out but much more raw material that still needs a lot of shaping. I am worried that the early access launch is rushed and ends up potentially hurting the game moving forward. What do you think?

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