You can farm dragon parts even faster and easier than you thought (4 per minute)

. You're looking directly at where Farosh spawns out of the lake. Drop some wood, light it, and camp until morning. When you stand up in the morning Farosh will emerge within seconds. When you see the water splashing jump and paraglide lift on the wind he brought to slow time and take your shot. Land and camp again immediately to repeat. You don't even have to wait for the shard you shot to fall off and you don't really need to see where it lands (you'll find it). If it rains (and it will) simply turn around and run to any of the three trees right behind you. Light the wood you'll have already dropped there. When morning arrives just shoot Farosh when he emerges again – but this time you'll be running toward the lake a little. Repeat until you're tired of seeing dragon parts littering the area.

Credit to the poster of this Farosh Farming video, but also to /u/UNDERSCOREY who is responsible for posting a couple of early versions that most likely started this whole thing. I didn't come across his videos and posts until I had already spent a while farming from what I saw in the first 30 second clip. With their tips I figured out how to easily get 3 to 4 dragon parts per minute. I believe the new method is easier and the absolute fastest way to farm parts (from Farosh the dragon, at least) and obtain rupees because the horns go for 300 a piece, uncooked. You can reliably make 900 to 1,200 rupees a minute.

If you're already familiar with /u/UNDERSCOREY 's method, the main difference here is that you set up your campfire at the edge of the lake literally meters from the dragon. You can shoot him almost as soon as he materializes when he emerges from the water. If rain doesn't keep you from lighting that fire again you can rinse and repeat so that you've easily shot off two parts within 30 seconds. Even if it does rain you're only going to add a few seconds to the process by running to a tree behind you to start a second fire.

Here' a video showing 3 shots in 40 seconds or so. Sorry for the quality – I had to set up my phone in front of the Switch to capture it. Keep in mind that this was one of my earlier attempts and that practice makes you faster. I also didn't use the trick where you can drop a torch next to the fire to keep it lit (and not relight it in the morning). I also set up my rain campfire on the far side of the tree because I mistakenly thought the leaves covered the far side but not the near side. That's not the case so you can set up the rainy weather campfire even closer. If you want a dragon scale and not a horn or claw or whatever you don't even have to jump. Just shoot straight across at Farosh and get your hit.

Other benefits of this method is that you don't need a long bow. Once you get the timing down so that you're shooting the horn right after he comes out of the water it's a pretty straight shot with a standard bow. If it's higher up that you've got to shoot then you just overshoot a little (shoot higher) and it'll hit its target. I actually farmed so long all my single shot bows broke. But let me realize that at this distance having a double or triple shot bow forgives your shot a lot. You can be off to the left or right a bit and still make contact.

Other random notes:

  • It can rain up here a LOT. I've had it rain every other morning. I've had it rain for 4-5 days straight. But I've also had streaks of dry days. One particular 8 dry day streak let me pop off horn parts faster than I could imagine.
  • Shock proof wardrobe isn't necessary but helps. If you're lighting your fires with a flame sword it's going to attract lightning (and it rains a lot, remember). Having the Thunderhelm so you're immune to lightning just makes it easier. As does the rubber outfit to protect you from the electroballs floating off the dragon. I did find that if you're simply camping, waking, shooting, then camping again then it's so fast the electroballs don't even make it to you.
  • You don't have to wait for the dragon part to fall before camping again. You can see in the video above when I look up at where the dragon was the next morning the part will still just fall from the sky.
  • You also don't have to really watch to see where the dragon parts fall. In my experience about 70% of them fall in 2-3 particular spots behind you. The rest fall just across the pond. You can paraglide across the thinnest part of the water just before the falls and hit the water with 3-4 strokes before you're up on the other side. Pro-tip is to Cryonis a column or two right there in the channel so you can jump and get across faster.
  • You may lose some dragon parts in the water. Don't worry about them. You'll have so many parts it's not worth the time following them down the falls. I don't think I ever saw a part fall off the dragon into the water. What was happening was one or two of them were being blown in the water by the winds of a rain storm or coming from the dragon. The scales seem to be the worst for this (they're lighter?). Also note that if a horn fragment falls in the water you can't get it. It floats but you can't pick it up. Even when I Cryonis'd one up onto a column of ice I could not pick it up.
  • Some parts that fall on the far side of lake may 'roll' down the hill, so make sure you look down there when you go to collect.
  • Be sure you've got plenty of bows and arrows. I went through all my arrows at one point and switched to elementals which seemed to take longer shoot. Not sure if that's placebo due to the "charging" effect they have or not. Also, the charging animation from elemental arrows adds time to my aiming because it fuddles up my view of the cursor. If you experience that then you'll want to stock up on plain arrows.

Enjoy your dragon goodies and let us know what your record is. I'm almost positive you could get 5 scales per minute since there's no jumping or aiming really needed – but the value of a scale is half that of the horn.

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