[XPOST] [PSA] How to use Monster extract

Originally posted on /r/Zelda here. Not directly crossposting in its entirety or whatever because I want to talk in more detail: I wanted to avoid making a PSA break their spoiler policy.

Monster Spice is the stuff you can receive randomly from NPCs and also get for Mon from Fang and Claw. It's weird and fun and can give you 30 minute buffs on any buff, but you have to know how to use it to get a 30 minute, max-power buff!

Essentially, you'll need to mix 2 fruits of a status effect, 2 mushrooms of a status effect, and 1 monster extract to get a max-power 30-minute buff.

Here's a buff/return list:

  • HEAT RESISTANCE: 2 Hydromelon, 2 Chillshroom
  • COLD RESISTANCE: 2 Spicy Pepper, 2 Sunshroom
  • ELEC RESISTANCE: 2 Voltfruit, 2 Zapshroom
  • HASTE: 2 Fleet-Lotus Seeds, 2 Rushroom
  • ATTACK UP: 2 Mighty Bananas, 2 Razorshroom
  • DEFENSE UP: 2 Fortified Pumpkins, 2 Ironshrooms

Of course, all of these need the final ingredient to be Monster Extract.

I have not found a fruit that grants stealth up, so I don't think there's a way to create a 30 minute stealth potion (without further testing). However, I think this covers pretty much all the bases beyond Fireproof, which is mainly an elixir thing anyway.

Feel free to ask questions about other cooking stuff – I've been learning the ins and outs for the hell of it. But this is a super important thing for creating useful Monster Extract recipes, especially given the limited amount you'll have on hand at any given time.

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