Xbox community needs to lighten up.

Nothing serious here just hope to get a few people to try and lighten up about our favorite video game. I was playing some ranked last night and have surprisingly more ranked games than casual games this season. I was last pick carry on my team and by the time it was my turn to pick 6 of the carries were picked/banned ( Medusa, Anhur, Izzy, Apollo, Hou Yi, & Rama). I was debating on picking Chiron but someone said grab AMC as he has good early clear. I had to go up against Medusa which I think is crazy strong right now and everything started off ok but once it came to team fighting i was singled out and taken out right away in almost every team fight. After 45 mins we end up losing not for a lack of trying just hard to carry when they know you are immobile and take advantage of that.

Now I hate losing ranked as much as anyone else but the fact that my team took the time out of their day to send personal hate messages as if I didn't get the point from all the VGS spam that I had to mute anyways. Now I understand I had a bad game and feel everyone can have bad games and shit happens. All I am suggesting is everyone takes it easy almost like we are playing a video game or something and learn to act like a decent person and not freak out over something like this. When someone gets first blooded dont spam "you rock" "cancel that" just say "no problem" because the minute you start talking down to your teammates you have basically already lost the match.

I know this is a fools dream but just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

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