WoW short freeze then disconnect

Just want to put this out there as I was having trouble with this recently and was hard pressed to find a solution so hopefully google will direct some people here.

My problem was my game screen would freeze for about 2-3 seconds and then I'd disconnect, and would usually happen after a quick screen turn. All the research I did on the problem made it out to seem that an addon was the problem because of the short game freeze before the disconnect.

I tried a lot of suggestions by other people none of which solved the problem.

  • Disabled addons one by one
  • Deleted WTF and Cache folders
  • Deleted all addons and then deleted WTF and Cache
  • Turned off optimize network speed under network options
  • Deleted all addons and then deleted WTF and Cache, and repaired wow
  • Disabled optimize network speed under network options

At this point I was convinced that it was just an ISP and network problem. I had did a last ditch effort and submitted a ticket to blizzard about the problem, and he/she had the one golden step that others did not have.

  • Uninstall all addons
  • Uninstall Curse client
  • Delete Interface, WTF, Cache folders
  • Go into %appdata% and in each of these folders, delete any traces of World of Warcraft,, and Blizzard Entertainment
  • Reinstall curse
  • Reinstall addons

The %appdata% was the step I was missing. I looked in each folder before I deleted it and it seems that WoW has a hidden cache in a folder in here, which I'm guessing an addon had corrupted. Since doing this, I haven't had any disconnects and hope it stays that way.

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