Wow. Major dissapoint. Delay & fix these Ubi, please.

Not a hate topic, I really want to love this game and I did get some fun out of it playing coop or solo on Ghost in Beta. But technically, it's a disaster and absolutely below my worst expectations. Those that haven't accessed Beta, I kind of envy you guys as you still have a lot of hope going on for GRW. To be honest, in current state, it's a bland, simple, arcade shooter with below average mechanics, game design and I can see GRW becoming boring quite fast. I haven't preordered it and after playing Beta, certainly won't unless they fix all these issues or change the simply bad game design. I really think we should stand up against Ubisoft for creating a game with such poorly executed elements.

  1. DRIVING & PHYSICS – YES, it's so bad. I am not sure if they were making it "simple" or how this could pass their QA department, but it's unacceptable. It's not fun, it's unpredictable and hard to control as cars react so randomly at times, on most turns you end up in a ditch. Also car damage it laughable, you can crash at 5km/h and wreck your car or at 120km/h, doesnt matter. Also you can't pop tires on vehicles, slowing them down which is just frustrating. Your only option is to blow up a whole car, wtf.

  2. FLYING – same as driving, although it's a bit more managable. I am not a very good pilot in games like ArmA so I find flying a bit more enjoyable here as I can do easy manouvers, deploy my teammates fast etc. But it's also funny, especially landing a plane on a 20m road and fully braking to a halt. I get it it's an arcade game, but make it less wonky please, because they fly so unsmoothly that it's impossible for anyone onboard to fire and hit anything from a chopper. I experimented chasing convoys with 4 coop guys from a chopper, cutting convoys in front or flying next to it, but because flying is so wonky, nobody could hit anything at low or medium speeds. And because of this, choppers lose usability. Urgently fix.

  3. AI – I won't even comment your AI squad, they are dumb as **** and I really hope this has to do with this beta only. The highest enjoyment you can get from them is sync shot, if this is all, wow really? Sooo poor. Enemy AI isn't anything special also, I mean – no flanking?? You can alert the whole town and enemy is just gonna camp somewhere for minutes. I understand that you're fighting a Cartel and they don't have squad tactics, but Unidad isn't any better, they just rush you randomly, run up to you until they are 5-10m away and start looking for cover then (by then you already mow them down). No challenge even on Ghost difficulty. The most challenging firefights are the ones in forests or dense bushes, where you simply can't see enemies good and are required to prone a lot and look out for enemies. Note that I have played with and (mostly) without markers. I know this Beta region is the easiest of them all, but you can see that AI has no tactics. I am not sure if suppressive fire is in – at times I kept firing my MG and it looked like enemies ducked into cover but other times they just ran towards me. Also snipers on roofs & towers – so stupid that it happened few times that they fell off and died…wtf??

  4. FIREFIGHTS & SHOOTING – Shooting, it's not the best, hitboxes are weird at times but most of the time you can kill at what you aim. I was using single shot most of the time on my AR or burst on MG5. In general, firefights are too simple because AI reacts poorly and fights end too quickly due to a small number of enemies around. Aiming is too easy and you can pop pistol head shots from 100meters, hence, making sniper rifles almost unnecessary.

  5. CONVOYS – because the cars have just one damage box, no tires or sniping fuel tanks, chasing convoys feels just bad & random. Basicly you try to ram into them as hard as possible to get them off road & stop or keep shooting them like a maniac until they start burning & explode. Liek 1 or 2 clips from M4 and a car explodes…really? Again, I knew this was going to be arcadey but seriously… Also, I tried placing C4s or mines, but jeeps & convoys can survive them and just drive forward. But firing from a SMG can destroy a vehicle – really? Just BROKEN.

  6. HEALTH & REVIVING – I absolutely think this game needs a health bar (maybe even invisible) and auto regen only to like 30 or 50% of the health (depending on difficulty) and some sort of medpacks or healing with AI/player squad. Even on Ghost, it''s just too damn simple, at the brink of dying you need only 5 – 8 seconds until you regain full health. Reviving or respawning is limited only to your teammates, even if they are 10km away. Why not add an option to select a nearest base for respawn???

  7. WORLD – it's nice yes, but as all Ubi titles, feels empty. 90% of the Beta map is just jungle, woods or mountains and it would feel so much better if there were like random patrols around the map that would spawn when in proximity. We REALLY don't need that many Rebels around the map (like 5 rebel cars driving together), reduce those and put those resources elsewhere. Also, GRW needs some sort of temporary consumables like in Division, scatter them around the map/cities so there is actually something to do in all those empty cities/villages etc… Right now, you can refill all your stuff at ammo crates, including all grenades, C4s etc… it feels just too simple. And restricting weapon selecting only to ammo crates would be so much better and require some thought in advance on how to gear…

I'd really rather see they push the release further and polish this. I've played Ubi games before but GRW really feels like it was made by someone really lazy. After the Division, which I didn't really like due to being semiMMO and bullet sponge gameplay, but at least it played fluently and had the basics sorted out. GRW in comparison feels like a game made by some 3rd party studio. I mean Just Cause had better flying and driving mechanics.

YES, it's a TECH STRESS TEST beta, but who are they fooling – 1 month before release, this is the actual game that we are receiving. If this beta was like 1 year ago, I would be super excited. But no, this is an actual DEMO. And I can't stress enough people, DO complain and share your negative experience, it's the only way Ubi will seriously reconsider releasing this game within a month. It's a slim, almost to zero chance, I know, but wouldn't you rather wait 3 more months and receive a better GRW?


PS: So many of you are stating that this is an OLD BUILD. I would like to hear someone who has played the preview builds on E3, Paris etc and confirm if there were same issues. Those were to my knowing the latest builds.

And seriously, it's 1 month before release. This is A DEMO, Ubi is just lying to us again. I would kill for this to not be true, but hey, I'm not stupid.

Also, many of you complain why we post on Reddit instead of Ubi forums. Well it turns out for majority of people, Ubi GRW Beta forums aren't accessible or working. And they keep deleting (moving) all the feedback topics. Not trying to develop a conspiracy, but it sure is fishy.

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