Would have liked more variety in human enemies

Let me start off by saying that I love Horizon and absolutely adore the robot enemy designs. They're so varied and interesting that combat against them has been a blast. But that stands in stark contrast to the human enemies, who are incredibly boring and repetitive, especially by comparison. It's essentially the same thing over and over — normal humans with a bow or a melee weapon, with an occasional heavy weapon peppered in.

I think they missed a big opportunity in diversifying their human enemies. I would have liked to see them show bandits who have figured out how to repurpose machinery from the robots and turn them into other things. So, for instance, you find a human who is encased in powerful machine body armor that is essentially impenetrable before you tear off the power cell in its back. Or a human wielding a freeze ray that has a Freeze canister attached to it that can be detonated with an arrow. Or a guy wearing machine armor with Blaze canisters in the feet that essentially act as rocket boots but are also combustible. And these pieces of machinery could be overwritten, making the machinery go rogue with the humans still inside them. There were opportunities to use the component/destructible objects system with the human enemies too, but the devs kind of took the easy way out.

Or, at the very least, give human enemies the same weapon types Aloy has. So you have to fight against enemies who have ropecasters (you have to melee attack the ropes to break free), tripcasters (you have to jump over or slide under the trip wires), elemental slings, etc. It just seems like there was a lot of potential there to make the human enemies interesting too.

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