World With No Heroes Event Videos

So, as many in the US, you can not visit the site and see all the happenings in Bolivia. So, I VPN'd in and found all the event video links. So if you would like to see what is happening, you can.

Overpass firefight: 1:02

Alley Sicario Executions: 0:56

Train Yard Rebel Exectution: 1:05

Boat Firefight/Chase: 0:16

Party Kidnapping: 0:40

Sicario Stolen Plane (Crash): 0:51

Sicario Kidnapping: 0:31

Sicario Hit: 0:37

Sicario Heli Landing: 0:56

Sicario Church Meeting: 1:35

Rebel Stealth Mission: 0:50

Car Bombing (Ignition): 0:40

Rebel hit on Unidad: 0:21

Rebel Ambush: 1:03

Sicario Body Dump: 0:45

Unidad Heli Flyover: 0:30

Unidad Stryker Driving: 0:24

Biker Shooting: 0:26

Sicario Hit @ Motel: 0:53

Priests Arrive: 0:46

Rebel Mission @ Quarry: 0:43

Sicario Executions: 1:03


Restaurant Rebel Hit: 0:20

Rebel Driveby: 0:31

Sicario Executions: 2:15

EDIT: Added Daytime Train Video:

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