With two posts making the front page in the last 24 hours about Y1 music, I really want to acknowledge the thought that Bungie can’t use/publish that music for “legal reasons”.

The year one soundtrack is mostly made of a different work called Music of the Spheres and was/is supposed to be adapted and reused for every release of Destiny. MotS has not been released entirely although it was supposed to come out in August 2014 at one point, and before that it was supposed to be released in 2013 and was considered to be a potential free prize for a Bungie-run contest in 2013 (that also didn’t happen). I’m curious as to why it hasn’t been published as intended, and this post is to point as that it isn’t for legal reasons.

Ok. So many of you probably know, a lot of us really enjoyed the Year 1 soundtrack. There were and are a lot of different reasons behind why we liked it so much; nostalgia being one. But I see this being brought up a lot in regards to the topic of how much some people miss the old orbit/title screen music.

There appears to be quite an audience of who believe that Bungie hasn’t released some of that music in a “non-excerpt” format, and why they still continue to not reuse it, is because of some legal issues surrounding the music with the fact of what went down with composer Martin O’Donnell in early 2014 that lasted until late 2015.

You can read some great details about those events here. While from a bystander’s perspective it may appear as though why Bungie has not released the Music of the Spheres or why they have not continued to use the themes it provided, resulting in threads like “I wish they would bring back the old title screen music”, is because of legal issues surrounding the case, that is not true.

If you visit the link above and read through it, on page 7-8, factual background piece 17, it says that CEO Ryan did not believe there was a market for a standalone release of the work of MotS. It also says they were using it as leverage of Marty, but that has not been proven true nor false, so that piece is not relevant.

Bungie also said that due to how soon the case was coming, that was another reason that did not release it. If you continue to read through it, nowhere does it say that Bungie cannot use the music. In fact it implies the opposite. It makes it very clear that Bungie owns that music.

If we want them to keep using the nostalgic themes or publish the work called “Music of the Spheres”, which is the themes for the franchise of Destiny, there are 8 of them and it’s 48 minutes long, you should say something about it. Bungie promised they would publish it in 2013 and planned on doing it, but something happened.

If you want to know and understand the truth about why they don’t use that music anymore or publish it in its entirety, please, I strongly recommend we make a lot bigger of a deal about the situation and why it’s important to some of us. If you know and love the music, let Bungie know. But if we stop mentioning it and forget it ever happened like so many of us did with Bungie Aerospace, well then we all lose and my 400+ days of work to recompile MotS and make it happen is all for nothing.

The music is great. There’s no denying that for a lot of us. Let’s make Bungie understand we want more uses of those themes to be made! Let’s make them understand that we miss that music, such as the original title music or music like the Union (a lot of us are still waiting after nearly 4 years for a high quality version of the Video Games Live performance music, aka the entire version of the Union, whereas the soundtrack only has an Excerpt).

It’s to the point to where some of us are making our own because Bungie won’t. Can we please make a bigger deal of this and try to get word on what the deal is with our favorite themes of nostalgia? Even if it does not mean anything to you, it means something to so many of us. I have put over 400 days into this MotS project now. The final official mix of that was made on December 10, 2012, which was over 4 years ago. And yet it still isn’t used as intended.

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