With the New Raids returning, make sure to double check the Ghosts you drop from now until March 28th if you didn’t already

Morning Guardians,

This is just a small tip to something to look out for which could help Benefit you within the New Raids and also if you are 'Collection Hunting'

I ain't afraid of no Ghost

As you probably might have heard, Vault of Glass and Crotas End are making a come back, these Raids are set on Venus (VoG) and the Moon (CE) – Link to Age of Triumph Megathread for those that need bringing up to speed

Rise of Iron being mainly Earth based, the 'Dread Explorer Shell' was an essential piece of Ghost because of it's 100% roll and the fact that it has 2 key features for Earth –

  • Spinmetal Sensor (Detects and Marks Spinmetal) / Extractor (Chance of Spinmetal from picking up Engrams)

  • Ether Seeds Generate Additional Glimmer whilst killing Fallen (Granted this works on the Moon, Mars, Venus & PoE)

This combined helped us chalk up a ton of Glimmer / Spimetal while playing through the Story / Earth Strikes / WoTM Raid

The Dread Explorer Shell was obtainable from completing The Legions Beachead Quest from Taken King – If you previously dismantled it, you CANNOT re-do the quest and get it back. You would have to complete the quest on an alternate Character

What Ghost combos to look out for

Please note – These combos can roll on ANY Ghost you may find in the wild as a Reward Drop, the only one with a set Roll is the Kings Fall, 'Kingslayer Shell'

  • Vault of Glass – Spirit Bloom Sensor / Extractor – Additonal Glimmer whilst killing Vex

  • Crotas End – Helium Filaments Sensor / Extractor – Additonal Glimmer whilst killing Hive

Please Note – Kings Fall already has its OWN Ghost which can be picked up within the Kings Fall Raid from completing the 'Totems' section

  • Kings Fall – Wormspore Detector / Extractor – Additional Glimmer whilst Killing Taken

  • Kings Fall 2 – As there are plenty of Hive within Kings Fall also, playing off the above, looking out for a – Wormspore Detector / Extractor – Additional Glimmer whilst Killing Hive

  • Wrath of the Machine – Spinmetal Detector / Extractor – Additonal Glimmer whilst Killing Fallen (The Dread Explorer Shell comes with this roll as standard)

Why should we look out for these Ghosts?

In the same vein as the Dread Explorer Shell, having a Ghost for Venus, The Moon & Dreadnought can help you build up a notable amount of materials and Glimmer.

With the Age of Triumph book having a 'Collections' section, Stocking up on as much Materials and Glimmer will be a HUGE bonus in helping you complete this page

  • Materials can be deposited to Factions for Rank ups (This is random each Weekly Reset of what each Faction will accept)

This will help you aquire the Ships, Shaders, Sparrows Ghosts from the Factions themselves

  • Glimmer can be used to purchase further items from Vendors – Eva Levante, Amanda Holliday & Gunsmith

Eva Levante (Opposite the Speaker) sells Emblems and Shaders which will go towards the collections – Amanda Holliday (Tower Hangar) sells Sparrows & Ships which will do the same

With mass amounts of Glimmer you can purchase Weapon Parts and Armour Materials from the Gunsmith (Tower entrance – front Right) and these can be used to feed into your factions to help Rank ups


Honestly, with the stream yesterday hinting that 'New Items' will become available from the Raids, it's likely we will see a 'Ghost' added to each Raid in some shape or form and these could well be similar to Kings Fall where they actually are MADE for that Specific encounter – That said, the WoTM Ghosts are rolled completley randomly so the new Ghosts could follow suit

The above has been in the game since we could change our Ghosts but I feel sometimes this is overlooked as a helpful feature (I hardly ever switch my Ghost) so hopefully, this could help a few Guardians out with maxing out those Collections

Roll on the 28th of March, Guardians!

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