With All This Talk About Ideas For DLC…

…Here is my idea. Now, everything I'm reading on here people want to find out what Sylens does with HADES, or about APOLLO, or Rost's back story and what you. Now what if, stay with me here, there's a DLC about…

….Wait for it.

….Wait just a smidge longer.

…Operation Enduring Victory.

Now, I'm not a particular fan of going backwards, in this case it would be going back 1,000 years. My favorite type of DLC is a standalone like Far Harbor and Nuka World were to Fallout 4. Something that sticks with the feel of the game but doesn't touch progress the main story, leaving that alone for the story alone or to be touched on in future games, the latter would fall under HZD. I don't want any DLC that tells me more on the main story plot points for HZD. I want those questsion answered in future games.

But, going back to Operation Enduring Victory would be pretty cool. Sure, we know what happens, it was a delay tactic to buy Sobeck time to finish Zero Dawn and basically everyone died. We all saw what happened at the Grave Hoard.

But what I like about this, is that Enduring Victory lasted about 2 years. Do you know how much you can depict from a two year time span.

First, we can get a glimpse into the panic that was the Faro Plague and watch the ancient machines destroy everything. Then we can play in battles that took place during Enduring Victory, remember its over a two year time span and it was thousands of ancient machines vs almost the entirety of the human population, so many battles around the globe. And at the end of the DLC, the final battle can be the one that took place at US Robot Command, or the Grave Hoard. Possibly even see Elisabet Sobeck's last breath. Then the last shot can be, say it ends at the Robot Command's entrance, a panning out shot of the death and destruction of that time, time lapse it to Aloy's time and show the dreary image we get from the game.

I like the idea, but a lot of stuff would have to be from GG, and, again, I don't like going back (although Operation: Anchorage for Fallout 3 was damn good) this would still be cool to go back and witness…although I really like leaving what we know of the Plague and the war as is, but its just an idea.

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