(WIP) The 4 Phases, Their Tactics, & “The Crack” – A pre-release guide V2.0

Hey PUBG folks. So, it's been about a week since my last guide found here: (WIP) Map Grids, Scopes, & Zeroing – A pre-release guide, and after playing this weekend I've come up with my next guide focused specifically on the actual meat of the game. These topics range from managing the circles, choosing when vehicles are useful, and a few other tips to help you out in game. As with the last one this is a work in progress so expect some changes and/or updates as we go forward. This is primarily focused on getting into the top 10, not on getting the highest kill count, so keep that in mind as you read through this. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to start making some videos instead of just text posts but for now my upload speeds are so atrocious that it'd take me till early access release to even post a single video haha. Without further delay… let's go!

Phase 1 – The Drop (Pregame-1min)
The drop in this game is unique in that while you have a randomly generated path, you can generally still choose the final destination for your character. Because of this you can generally make it to just about any section of the map that you want to. That being said, depending on where you drop you will have a completely different beginning experience. I separated it into 2 basic zones: "Danger Zone" and "'Safe' Zone".

The former is where many people will be dropping rather quickly, particularly around cities. In these spots you will likely need to fight for gear and will likely see early game combat. The "Safe Zone" is an option for the most passive players. In this area you will find less individuals and will for the most part find yourself having a much slower start to your game. Once you enter the parachute phase of your descent be sure to look around you and see where people are (you don't even have to press the button for it as the only controls for parachuting are the WASD keys.) In doing so you can get a good idea of what kind of pressure you will be in once you land. If you see nobody you can generally know that you will be able to loot buildings without worry.

Phase 2 – Preparation (1min-5min)
So now that you've dropped, what next? Well… if you did land yourself in the danger zone it's now time to haul ass and get the first weapon you can see. There isn't much strategy here other than just… survive. Whether that means hiding or getting a weapon and hunting, you'll have to be constantly watching your back as there are going to be plenty of people fighting for gear. If you survive, then the above image becomes relevant. If not, well, better luck next time ;). For those who took the 'safe' route you can skip the early game battle phase and go straight to the above image and the planning phase.

There is a limit to how far people could have dropped from the plane. This is why it is very important to remember the trajectory of the plane. You can use this information to your advantage. Heading further away on a perpendicular basis when compared to the plane trajectory will all but guarantee that you are heading to a spot with very low density of players and completely un-looted buildings, allowing you much more time & opportunity to get some top-tier gear. This won't work every time as the initial location of the circle is always changing, but the concept remains nonetheless.

Phase 3 – The Advance & Working "The Crack" (5min-25min)
Vehicles are a huge plus to have here. If you can find one you'll put yourself at a huge positional advantage for the main portion of the game. I highly recommend looking around and doing your best to source one. So, now that we've gotten ourselves all geared up, it's time to start moving in on the circle. You really have a couple options. If you have a car, then the above image is for you. If not – then you can still use the above image but you'll obviously be going slower and you should essentially end up going in the general direction of your choice while skirting the new white circle (except for the yellow one – depending on your timing you may have to cut across so I'd avoid skirting the edge if you are short on time).

What the hell is "The Crack"??? Well… it is what I call the closest point between the blue and white circles. I have found that aiming for 'the crack' is always one of the safest routes to go. The spots on the map that are losing the most space will be seeing a flood of players moving out. The 'crack' area will be relatively calm. That and people always gravitate towards the center of the new white circle even if they initially landed in this edge area. Sticking as close to the 'double edge' (it's been the far edge twice in a row now) is always a safe bet. You can continue this approach up until the end of the game, really. Of course without a car this becomes more difficult at the beginning… but towards the midpoint of the game as long as you start right off you will be in relatively good shape to get to this point easily.

Tip 1: Even if you aren't in a good position compared to the first wave of map-resizing you still have plenty of time. Pop 2 energy drinks and you can out-heal any damage you'd take outside of the zone. Use this to your advantage when deciding when to make your break for the next safe zone.

Tip 2: It takes you 16 seconds to traverse 100m on foot. Using my range finding guide from last week you can calculate exactly how long it'll take you to get to your destination

Tip 3: The blue circle encloses around you at (as close as I can tell) 2x running speed at its furthest point from the safe spot. At the halfway point it encloses at roughly your running speed. Use this to also help you decide when you need to start your trek inwards. Image explanation.

Phase 4 – The Finale (25min-30min)
Vehicles become completely useless here. Ditch them or risk sticking out like a sore thumb and dying very very quickly. Now we're getting to the end. Many people say these circles go way too quick but I completely beg to differ. I timed it and it takes roughly 16 seconds for you to move 100m. Based on this, even if you are at the furthest spot from the white circle you can get all the way around the entire perimeter of the prior blue circle in under 90s (88s). That means you can get to 'the crack' before the blue even starts receding further. By using this method you can clearly see that you are always going to be behind your enemy. You don't have to worry about anyone sneaking up on you from behind. That, and you can see the flow of people… you are heading away from the hot spot of the buildings instead of towards them, giving you further stealth advantage and allowing you to get into a good position for the next reduction. Continue this until the end and you should easily hit the top 10 a good chunk of the time.

So I'll admit: I wanted to do a bit more but this is already hugely long so perhaps I'll save the rest of it until next week. Don't wanna go too crazy. This way I can separate them out into some specific sections, too. But anyways – hopefully this can help some of you make it to the end game a bit more often – I know it has helped me tremendously! Any criticism, comments, etc. always welcome 🙂

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