Winning is not always fun… (Right?) [A little story]

feel free to share an opinion on the story below if you have one.

I got into a casual game recently that made me question what makes a smite game fun for different people. narration follows:

I call mid and teammate 2 calls mid as well. A third team mate (he'll be important to this story) instalocks his mage. teammates 4 and 5 call jungle and adc. teammate 2 calls solo. Everyone starts berating teammate 3 for instalocking after 2 people called the role. he/she remains silent. I select a guardian and lock. Everyone selects their picks and the match proceeds.

Teammate 3 proceeds to the duo lane and spams vgs for help in right lane(we are on the chaos side). We advise he head to mid since he locked the mage and I picked the guardian to fill. He spams thanks and heads mid. Early game passes and we win duo lane easy. This is because the opponents had a troll jungler who refused to leave duo lane and we farmed all the buffs in both sides of the jungle.

At this point, teammate 3 (who is facing a mirror match) has been killed about 8 times by his/her lane opponent and is continuing with the constant vgs spamming. Now in all fairness, the jungle, solo and I could have been more helpful in mid but it's important to note each of these deaths happened at the enemy tier 1. So as you could guess, we lose the mid tier 1. We also lost the solo tier 1.

At this point we begin the team-cluster movement phase of the game, trying to collect objectives and such. naturally, this being casual solo queue, its a little more difficult to carry out. We have squishies with no CC engaging a 3 man team ahead of both their guardian and warrior, teammates spamming help after they die… the usual stuff.

Overall, the game is sided in our favor due to the troll jungle on the enemy team who is 0 and 10 at this point and refuses to attack any member of our team. They simply walk up to us and begin to jump up and down and spam their god laugh till they get killed.

Then the worst begins to happen, we deicide the opponents and I think its time to take the phoenixes and end the game. Teammate 3 and 4 refuse to come with as they have the celestial voyage quest that demands they take out 5 objectives (they assumed these must be strictly the FG and GF). So we waited for GF to respawn, took it, waited for FG to respawn, took that and wasted the time it takes for them to wear off and respawn so we could do this again (we got 3 deicides and the team refused to close out the game).

This game ended up lasting 55 minutes when it could have been ended in about 20. Yes we won. yes we had a ton of kills and some really good kdas (except teammate 3, who went 3 and 16 and tried to F6 multiple times throughout the game even though we had a hugely unfair advantage) but I was so frustrated I had to take a break from the game for a day.

I personally dislike it when a game drags on for no reason. I find Smite a little harder to play whenever we have these events with objectives that force people to play in abnormal ways in order to meet a quest. (The one that demands player damage is particularly irritating as it promotes kamikaze plays)

TLDR; It's a story, you kinda have to read it

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