Wildlands is an embarrassment to fans of the series and the military community.

TLDR; I miss Red Storm Entertainment.

It's embarrassing to see how we are perceived by the developers in this game. Between the trash gear options (or lack of), edge-lord dialogue of the characters written by someone who watched Jarhead or the shit show that was Act of Valor a few too many times, it seems like whoever is running the Ghost Recon dev team is under qualified to be doing so.

For the (fictional) premier special operations unit that we have known for decades to receive absolute best equipment and weapons, they seem to be very underfunded and unequipped to overthrow a cartel and government funded private military with just a fire team. In other games it was your team and several others working in tandem across the region with everything available at your disposal. I have to steal and fly my own helicopter and dump it somewhere to get to my objective? I will have to explore a region to find a fucking 30 round magazine and a decent optic? Mother fucker I'm a member of THE Ghosts. Being a Ghost meant using the best tools to get the job done. I can no longer do that efficiently because the best tools for the job are in some tobacco farmers house on the side of a god damn mountain in the middle of nowhere!

I understand what Ubisoft is trying to do, I really do. Change is good. But for fuck's sake they raped and pillaged the game we all have loved for years and Captain Scott Mitchell is rolling in his grave. I feel like they looked at Just Cause and said "Hey that looks pretty neat. We should do that." Slap a Ghost Recon title on it and called it a day. Sorry for the rant, I just feel all of my favorite series of games just get shit on these days.

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