Why would you release this patch without a wipe or rollback?

Do you not realize that early access also means showing us how you plan to handle the game? I know for a fact a tribe that was already dominating our server now has the means to wall off spawn, and any other location they like with tier 3 at any time they want. Lots of people on here are worried about thousands of items on their server, our server has tens of thousands of tier three and tier two foundations and other pieces floating around being monopolized by the tribe that duped gods. They simply wipe out anyone that gets larger than 2×2 tier two and drop any alters they find around the map with the mass amount of gods they duped.

Honestly if this is how you plan to run the game, when massive exploitable bugs hit that can entirely break it, you're not going to have one much longer. Especially if you wait over the weekend after it does happen. After an entire weekend and all my free time of not being able to play, I feel like my bug for playing this game will be sufficiently squashed as I log onto my server and think about just how incredibly pointless it is to try and do anything.

And before some numbnuts says to play on a private server. I play on official to know my server will stick around. You can shut right up about your super special private server you're closing in a week because you weren't happy with how popular you were on it.

TL;DR: Game breaking bugs require wipes or rollbacks if the game is still broken after they happen. It's a universal truth that applies to more than this game. STFU about your private server.

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