Why not the Nemesis system?

Imitation is the scincerist form of flattery; look to Shadows of Mordor.

Seriously, a game about a Drug Cartel with NO in fighting and power vacuums after you kill or capture cartel members? How cool would that be to kill or bribe your way through Santa Blanca and then only to have a vacuum filled and have a threat that then tries to hunt you down or provides a limited reprieve or asset to you for helping…then later stabs you in the back. This would add to the struggle and create new challenges that exist in the real world when dealing with the drug trade!

This game seems RIPE for having Shadows of Mordors Nemesis system and to improve on it. If it did that there would have been a lot I probably over looked (bodies disappearing and un-draggable, crappy chopper controls, too many weapons being carried on person, etc). I am so on the fence on getting the game at launch, or waiting for a sale.

I did like the game, had some VERY good high points, and boring lulls in it too. Having a nemesis dynamic would add tension, replay ability, conflict between Unidad and the cartel (perhaps that new lieutenant isn't liked by Unidad so they go to battle and conflict in a region even create a NEW power vacuum by killing the new cartel lieutenant).

Here's how it could work: Three factions with the Cartel, Unidad, and the rebels. The rebels would be the only overt force of good, the Cartel is what you directly effect, and then rippling effects to Unidad.

  • Cartel is divided between henchmen (you will shoot these a lot, basic soldier), Lieutenants who lead strongholds, and La Cosa Nostra style family members leading regions.

  • Lieutenants have connections to one another, the family region leader, and sometimes Unidad via bribes. Killing a Lieutenant ripples to either a henchman takes over, a unidad officer who was on the take is killed OR seeks revenge on YOU for killing the Lieutenant, OR he fills the power vacuum and the Unidad fills their own void. As Lieutenants are killed, rebels become more bold attacking convoys and plane shipments. Unidad becomes more dangerous IF they are on the take (not all would be, this is AI controlled after all) and actively hunt you at times with overwhelming force thus MAKING you evade and escape into the wilderness. If a Unidad member takes over a Lieutenant position, the region as a whole becomes better equipped with military hardware to represent this connection. If a cartel member takes over, henchmen numbers increase…pick a poison; less soldiers that are WELL ARMED, or MORE enemies to contend with.

  • Family region leaders report directly to the Cartel Leader. Killing one creates a vacuum, capturing one gives intel and a piece of the puzzle to find the leader…and the leader should be in a different location or region each new game. Lieutenants can fill the void and if they do upset in a region destabilizes for a time making Kingslayer presence too dangerous for a time. After a while, control either reverts to Unidad or Rebel control. if Unidad controls, expet a new leader to arise and pacify everything and thus starting the drug trade in that region again.

  • New missions types arise out of this to include the ability to kidnap family members or region leaders for leverage (you get to pick a mission area and set up an ambush under the guise of a trade…also you are Black Ops Ghost Recon, not the Peace Corp). That would draw out a region leader from their stronghold outpost…this would not work all the time and depends on the damage you have done in the area thus necessitating at times infiltration of stronghold or assaults. Burning drug fields would be on the menu (watch the fumes…or don't you stoner), as would assassination missions even against Unidad to provoke further weakening between Unidad and Santa Blanca.

Thoughts on this?

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