Why is this sub so small?

I mean yeah it has reached top 10K sub Reddits, but there are so few posts and so few upvotes, despite the game revieving brilliant scores which would lead you to assume that a lot of people are playing it and are active on this sub but nope. Horizon: Zero Dawn has more activity than this sub (screenshots, discussions, questions, gifs and gameplay clips etc), why? 🙁

Would things change when PC version releases? Would there be an increase in number of subscribers and posts after the PC release? I, personally, am waiting for the PC release and some reviews of it's PC port (TotalBiscuit, ACG, SuperBunnyHop etc). What about you guys? (Sorry for if my English is bad, it isn't my first language)

Edit: A lot of people have told me that Yoko Taro games are generally niche and attract a very handful type of audiences, which is kinda sad. Hopefully people will see it as a good Platinum game and play it at least as a Hack and Slash rather than a Yoko Taro games. And fingers crossed for the PC port.

Edit 2: Holy shit the number of spoilers here. Most of them are tagged but there one or two without tags. No wonder people are avoiding the sub.

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