Why is the least important part of the character being imported into destiny 2??

This is not a negative post but the first thing I'm doing in D2 is changing the look of my ugly characters lol. I'm currently ok with us leaving all our gear behind but what makes your character yours? My answer is his legend.

I main a Human Hunter, He is loyal to the war cult, has a high enough status in terms of ranks with the vanguard and in the crucible. This is my legend.

However Bungie is currently or apparently only carrying over the Human Hunter part along with my facial features.

Well why am i complaining? Simply because i met many people who looked exactly like me in the game. The first thing im doing in D2 is changing the look of my character it is the least important thing.

I hope the honours they were talking about will represent my true legend (Faction Rep, Raid completion, even my 1 time going flawless in year 2) Because that is the true legend of my Guardian.

Edit The point is if i asked you who you were you wouldn't say i look like this. You would probably say something that has to do with your life experience like I'm a student, gamer, etc all of which give you a glimpse into what you've been through. I've met guardians who look exactly like me and they are clearly not.

Edit 2 This is not about keeping gear i dont mind losing all my gear. Its about maintaining the guardians legend.

Do you think im expecting a bit too much? Please tell me your thoughts comments are appreciated.

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