Why is nobody talking about the fact, that they did not fix anything between closed and open beta?

According to this post on their forum, they "listened" to the feedback and fixed a lot of the issues… http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1587357-Improvements-from-Closed-Beta-to-Open-Beta

All i see are game functionality fixes. Making your game actually playable is not something that deserves a medal. Where are the countless glaring issue fixes? I made this post right after closed beta (yes i know, the topic is called Open Beta feedback, was too hasty making the title back then, unable to edit). None of the things mentioned (and i mirrored hundreds of other posts made by players who also did not feel like this is a Tom Clancy or even Ghost Recon game) have been addressed. None.

We still have to drive bumper cars across mountains of Bolivia. Helicopters are still virtually uncontrollable, using them in combat is out of the window by default. There is still 0 gore in a game where we shoot HUNDREDS of murderous drug dealers. No gore. No blood splatters, no dismemberment, nothing. There are still no stealthy knife or weapon takedowns. Only neck snaps and friendly pats on the back. It alternates between the two animations that are in the game. The bullet velocity is still stupid slow. They are supposed to be high-velocity projectiles, but feels more like paintballs. Junk and random clutter still spawn within 30m of you, in plain sight.

Can i please have some goddamn stealth in a Tom Clancy Ghost Recon game?! For fucks sake… Tom must be spinning in his grave.

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