Why I’m quitting after 945 hours

First off I want to thank the newest DBG development team who in my opinion has been the best development team this game has ever seen. Thank you for taking a vested interest in the game. Thank you for fixing bugs, working on exploits, and even making the game sexier with nice night lighting (and soon I'm sure weather). Thank you for all the positive things you've done.

That being said, I want to explain what I experienced today. We have a base that I want you to imagine is a 5×5 deck foundation base where all deck foundations are right next to each other in a big square. Each deck foundation is fully walled/gated. It takes me weeks to build this base painstakingly using the location command and being extremely detail oriented. Each foundation is fully roofed with shelters. Today i watched a team of about 8 chinese players blow one gate off the outside and then teleport to the exact middle of the base where all our stuff was. They proceeded to blow up our base from the INSIDE OUT. They took 2000 ethanol, 500 IED's, and over 2k 308, AR, and AK bullets. They had ESP (to see exactly which rooms had stuff – only those rooms had doors blown off), teleportation (they literally just teleported to the middle of the base), invisible players (I watched an invisible player in one of our storage chests dropping stuff on the ground), and magic bullet (other base players reported this, not me but I will trust their judgement).

Words cannot express the emotional loss that comes from losing that much progress due to cheaters. This is not the first time I was a victim of cheaters but this is the first time it was this blatant and had an impact of this magnitude. I've been able to brush it off before. I don't have it in me anymore. I cannot continue to be an honest player when surrounded with cheats of this magnitude. I literally cannot compete in a game where i spent countless hours building a secure base where the calculated clear count of clearing every gate and door totalled over 10k ethanol or 5k IED's (I literally nerded out and did the math) to watch someone teleport right to the middle of the base (i ran through my base while they were raiding and saw the gates closed in between, i literally watched them do it to me).

To add insult to injury these cheating players were absolutely terrible. Every time they killed us as a fresh spawn it took them a full clip of AK to even kill us. Perhaps due to the latency to China but if you can imagine watching the most unskilled players take from the skilled it is a truly miserable experience.

It pains me to give up this game. I love this game. I have loved this game for a long time. I am passionate about this game. I still want it to succeed even in my misery. It deeply saddens me to give up the game but I simply cannot compete with cheaters.

An open plea to DBG. Please. Consider implementing the following:

1) Bring back banned bingo. You say it "shames" the cheaters and so you don't want to do that anymore. Let me be blunt. Who gives a flying !@#$ how the cheaters feel? Consider the fact that I (an honest player) might still be playing in hopes of seeing their scumbag names get banned in the following days. To gain some small level of satisfaction. To retain some level of dignity.

2) Please increase your speed to respond to hacker reports. I sent an email report while the raid was happening. Because these players were so terrible it took them over an hour to actually get everything because i kept placing gates as often as i could. I held out hope that an almighty DBG admin would righteously come and ban every single scumbag cheater. No response was heard. No help came.

3) Consider delivering something like CS:GO has with overwatch. We all know cheaters when we SEE it. Can't we get some form of recording of certain players? It doesn't have to be long. Maybe the last 5 minutes of what they did. Something where as long as you say "hey report everyone in my base" sure would have helped me today. While I know I'm suggesting a specific solution, all I really care about is that you're better equipped to actually catch the cheaters. It is very hard to run through a base trying to report each individual of an 8 man chinese cheating team. My job to report as an honest player is miserable.

4) Consider a compensation system when you do detect cheaters. If you find out that someones stuff WAS taken do you have any idea how nice it would be for an almighty admin to show up completely rebuilding the base as it was and replacing the stolen artifacts? If there was a DBG admin who hopped on and basically rebuilt my blown apart base and gave me back all the stuff that was stolen and banned everyone that did it. Wow. I would feel way better.

Lastly, a sincere good luck to DBG. I am sincere when i say you are the best dev team the game has seen. I wish you the best of luck. I hope some day the game becomes everything the community hopes for. Farewell.

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