Why I can never enjoy Conan Exiles in its current state

It rewards only players who invest all their time into the game and casual players get fucked for it.

I have a problem with the leveling system. It discourages individual skill and an even playing field. It makes no sense at all to me, especially to be in a survival game. The game plays way too much like a bad MMORPG.

I have no chance to defend myself because I haven't poured tens of hours into the game, my strength, health pool and stamina is much lower than someone who has no-lifed their way to the top.

Every night my base gets raided because I dont have tier 2 or tier 3 walls to defend myself. Every time I meet someone who looks like a fresh spawn they come up to me and kill me in 4-5 hits while they are basically unkillable. I have no chance to defend myself. I cannot even run away from a guy who is sprinting in full heavy armor with a two-handed mace. Fresh spawns are not always fresh spawns, sometimes they are naked people on a combination of steroids and meth.

Oh, you want to be able to defend yourself? No problem mate, just run around grinding spiders and rhinos for 20 hours, then the fun starts, great game design…

… meanwhile in other games like Rust or DayZ I can actually see what a fresh spawn is, I know I have a fighting chance because we're on an even field. If I sneak up on someone with a hatchet even if they're fully geared I'm still able to kill them. In Conan Exiles I can't even make a scratch on a high level guy if I can get the jump on him.

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