Why Hi-Rez does not want to buff HADES even after everyone asking for that?

Everyone have been suggesting buffs to Hades everyday here on Reddit and even Zhong Kui was buffed to be more viable. But nothing good for Hades players…

Hades last ""buff"" was on December 6, 2016:

Blight: Duration increased from 5s → 8s.

Shroud of Darkness: No longer Knocks Back Minions.

Pillar of Agony: Increased Protection buff from 40/50/60/70/80 → 60/65/70/75/80.

The only good thing was the protection buff in his ultimate. His ultimate is fine right now, some people have been suggesting that it should cripple, but that's beyond OP, you just have to ult after someone have used his escape or with a combo like Cupid ultimate + Hades ultimate.

But we all know the real problem with Hades, he's such a slow character (his movement speed is just 355, that's a MS of a burst mage, something that he isn't), his abilities have long wind-up, low base damage (even Khepri have more base damage on his 3 than Hades 1), high cooldown, high mana comsuption at early stages (why a silence have a fixed 80 mana cost???) and even at late game I have problem with his mana comsuption.

Also, why one of his 2 damage abilities (not counting his ultimate) have such a low damage?

For those who don't know, his Death From Below (1) damage is 50/85/120/155/190 +60%. That's a joke! Buffing that to 85/130/175/220/265 + 60% would make it more balanced, it's your escape after all, if you use it in a offensive way, it should be more rewarded.

I don't know, but even with all his problems, he's such a fun god, he was my first Diamond when I started to play, around the end of Season 2. It's not fair that he's so outdated. Just give some fucking love to one of the most famous greek god, Hi-Rez!

EDIT: Forgot to say, but, why Hades attack speed is so slow? Every mage that have a passive that needs to basic attack (or even abilities), have a good attack speed at level 20, a few examples: Agni (1.19), Ao Kuang (1.39), Freya (1.34), Nu Wa (1.34), Sol (1.36), Thoth (1.24). Hades attack speed at level 20 is 1.08, and his entire kit is all around his passive. That's bullshit…

TL;DR: Hi-Rez don't give a fuck about Hades problems and even Zhong Kui got a relevant buff.

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