Why Elite Barbs Are Seriously Broken

So many people complain about elite barbs however this isn't a rage post. I have gotten pretty good at countering the crack barbies but that doesn't mean they are balanced.

Elite barbs find themselves on the list of most hated cards in the game. These cards include the RG, the furnace and last but not least the crack barbies themselves. Now before people start accusing me of raging bear with me for a second.

Question- What do all these cards have in common? Answer- They all are a level dependent skills win condition.

These cards have counters but are so strong that countering them for a positive elixir trade requires much more effort then just plopping them down.

Today I will prove why e barbs are cancer.

Let's look at their tournament standards.

6 elixir 1013 hit points Very fast X2 254 damage Hit speed 1.5 Damage per second 169

Not that overpowered huh?

Now lets look at a mini peka's stats

4 elixir 1054 hit points Fast X1 572 damage Hit speed 1.8 seconds Damage per second 317

Your probably wondering what's the purpose of this comparison.

The purpose is to show how each elite barb is equal to a mini peka.

For 3 elixir you get: 1013 hit points 1 troop very fast 254 damage 1.5 attack speed 169 damage per second

These stats are much better than a knight

Here are the knight's stats 1399 hit points 159 damage 1.1 attack speed 144 damage per second X1 Medium speed

Although the knight is better in some places its much slower also it comes alone.

Now we factor in the biggest strength of e barbs. There are two of them. Meaning there damage per second is doubled. This sky rockets their value. This is what has lead to the down fall of the mini peka. For les than twice the elixir you get almost two mini pekas(if you double their dps). So in conclusion the true tournament standards for e barbs are-

2026 hit points X2 troops Very fast 508 damage 1.5 hit speed 338 dps

This equal to twice the health of a mini peka, double the value of a knight, the damage of a mini peka and more dps then a knight and mini peka. In fact their dps is twice that of a knight and almost as much as a big peka. This is why this card is cancer. The crack barbies offer too much value for their speed. They should have simply been 2 fast barbs for 4 elixir not this unholy abomination.

Thats it for today ill be sharing some thoughts on how to buff underused cards later. Please share your opinion on my opinion.

P.S. If the stats on the card account for there being two e barbs how come that isn't the case for other cards?

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