Why does spider spitted poison have infinite range, but my bow shoots maybe 20 feet?

I was excited to test out bows again after the balance pass. As far as I could tell though, they were the same. They have a laughable, very nearly cartoonish arc, and then drop to the ground. You can't even barely shoot over a tiny stream with them without angling the bow so high you can't see your target.

Meanwhile, a spider on a plateau clear across the river, can spit at me. One time, laughably, a spider spit at me from below, and I could see his gobbet of poison ascending into the stratosphere behind me…like one of those artillery bugs out of Starship Troopers.

It'd be great if Conan had less obnoxious poison-spitting spiders, and more 'iconic' Conan threats, like lions or savage apes.

Also. Food spoilage is insane, which is only matched by the insane amount of meat dropped by animals.

I would rather a steak cost 10x as much meat to make, but lasts 10x as long.

And please give us a way to tone down animal respawns. Playing with 1-2 friends, and it's just crazy how fast things respawn.

Conan is a great game but it is crippled by some very basic design decisions that would not require much tweaking to fix.

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