Why do we hunt dragons?

So I with the introduction of Midir I was wondering what the reason for battling dragons was – and it really doesn't make much sense for nearly every souls dragon.

Kalameet is supposed to be a mighty dragon whose ire even Anor Londo dare not provoke – so basically he did nothing but fly around. Sure, he'd torch you if you came near him but tbh everyone who came near him tried to kill him. He doesn't even do anything when you first see him! And then for minding his own business, he gets shot out of the sky.

Sinh rules a damn city, and yet in his sleep he is poisoned then gutted by some knights after his blood. This causes his entire city to die from the poison built up in him (which I wonder if Elana had something to do with). Hell, he fights you because you are after the crown of his king, the last symbol of his city (and plus he probably assumes you're just like the Drakebloods).

Midir has supposedly forgotten his vows of protection – though tbh he does seem to be pretty intent on immolating your ass as you make your way to the princess. And then you actually have to make the effort to go murder him to get the covenant icon – which is probably his own as he's doing a good job of guarding the princess. Tbh I reckon Shira is just xenophobic towards dragons, as was Gwyn before her, and wanted him put down for showing the slightest inclination towards the dark. Welp, that backfired at least…

Everlasting Stone Dragon tries to help you, and for that you sever her tail. Gaping Dragon is just literally starving and desperate. Ancient Dragon isn't even an actual Dragon, yet requires a massive honor guard and is friendly, and you can still kill him.

Hell, Archdragon Peak is a place you literally have to invade, for no good reason!

The only actual hostile evil dragons are Seath and Oceiros, and they're both not on the side of the dragons are they?

Basically… to be a dragon in Dark Souls is to be hunted, for glory and greed, and we are all too eager to comply. goes hollow

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