Why do completely clueless people queue for ranked?

I just wanted to start playing ranked and did two qualifier matches. Both matches felt like level 10 conquest. In my second match I was awilix jungle, only me an supp warded for the whole match, only me and supp used VGS to call mia etc., anubis mid and bellona solo kept dying every 2 minutes and would then start crying how its someone elses fault everytime.

I started in mid and even in the lobby told our anubis to please follow me around if we manage to push them. What does he do? Only hits half the wave with his big ass circle and then rejects to leave midlane (Moneyquote: "I dont do camps, you are jungler!") I got my complete right side stolen. On 3 camps I got ganked by their mid and jungle and barely escaped which gave thor a 2 level headstart. Somehow I still manage to go 4-1 by 10 doing clever ganks and caught up. So I got majorly fucked by our noneistant midlaner, just to go top dmg and kills in their lanes and they still keep falling behind. I just dont get it.

Seriously I havent seen so incompetent people since I started my account 4 years ago. Why do these people queue ranked, feed, have no clue what they are doing and then proceed to blame others for the loss?

Our adc was halfexistant btw… he picked neith when there were much better hunters available and went 2-4, mostly playing safe and not doing anything special.

I don't think I will play ranked again. Why should I risk getting 5+ losses because of them and then end up in bronze. Of course I am not perfect and I will do mistakes but then I admit them and try to do better. Bellona just decided to spam Laugh in teamfights and not use any of her abilities because it was "GG anyway, shit jungler".

Our sylvanus supp was as desperate as I was and also tried to help them. Anubis and bellona were in a party btw. They both had ~40 conquest games prior.

Thx reddit for providing me a place to let the steam off.

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