Why all this hate against Ubisoft Software Cie ?

(Excuse my english, I'm french…) Critics. Players not happy. Moaning they don't have this or this. Judging the entire game by some close and open Beta versions. Criticizing the marketing and contents… etc… etc…

I've got the feeling, more and more players are so demanding nowadays about video games in general. I am born in 1973, so I was around 14 years old when the first video games arrived in my world.

We was all crasz about them. The graphics was more than crap (Pong, Asteroid, Snake,…), but we had a lot of fun on them. Hours of gameplay.

Today in 2017, we have Ubisoft for example, who spend years to create AAA games. A team of graphic artists, programmers, coders, scenarist, writers, experts, who travelled for weeks, taking thousands of pictures in Bolivia. Interviewing people from special forces, DEA, drug cartels, etc…

All this to provide the best game experience, a graphic quality who stick with the reality of the area, a lot of fun to players, etc…

On the other side, I can see, here on Reddit for example, on Youtube, in forums, a bunch of angry "gamers", having tantrums because they don't have exactly what they want: "I want a car I can drive like in GTA", " I want a heli I can pilot like an ace" " I want to be able to do that, to do this, etc…."

They completely forgot (or are not conscient of it) that the video game industry is still a young industry, and there is still much to do, concerning technical developments (Graphic engine, texture systems, Coop player systems, motion capture, 3D creation and applications, etc…). These "little crying babies noobs" begin to piss me off with their easy critics, their useless streaming, (where they don't even play well…).

Guys. If you don't like this game. If you don't want to give your parent's money to Ubisoft. If you don't like the marketing choices of Ubisoft. If you don't like it. Don't buy it and please, stop moaning. There are thousands of players all around the world, who LOVE Ubisoft, and in what they contribute to the video game world.

A lot of you never opened a 3D creation program like Maya, 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, etc, and you give yourself the "right" to ask and critize people who know one thousand time more than you, what we are talking about.

I wish a lot of fun to all the other players who appreciate the work done on Ghost Recon Wildlands, and the others game in the world.


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