Who would be down for a Smite Spring (Summer) Fling Part 2 to benefit AllieD as he announces he is terminal again?

Basically as the title says. As he has just announced on his twitter,

Tldr; I'm officially terminal again with a good chancer won't make it so I think I'm a signing a official dnr form. -@AllieD

So AllieD has gone back to being terminal from his cancer. I know the last time they did a Spring Fling and other fundraisers to help him out they were able to raise over $100k. Not saying that was the reason he beat the cancer the first time, but I know it was a help towards it. Regardless of what he is saying right now, I fully believe it is possible for him to overcome this again and he can use our help! Here is the description from the 2016 Spring Fling:

This year, all proceeds will be directly benefiting David "Allied" Hance and his battle against cancer! Whether you can donate or not, be sure to tune into the broadcast and show your support for Allied and those who make SMITE great for YOU!

I understand we just had a Spring Fling to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation, but personally I would love to see the community rise up again around AllieD and show our support and fight this with him. I know I would be very willing to donate to this man's fight. I have personally been affected by cancer with a family member that was able to beat the cancer. She continually expresses how important it was to have a strong community around her and helped push her to keep fighting. I will personally be contacting employees at HiRez to suggest this to them. Let's keep our support for Allied and lift him up during this hard time. Kick cancer's ass again Allied. You got this. #AlliedStrong

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