Who picked the release date?


At least in central Europe 15 July – 8 ish august is when most people in "normal" jobs has holidays.

It's also commonly known as the "joint vacation weeks" with the lack of a better term in English.

Its also the weeks where holidays in Greek, Spain is the most expensive because it has the most amount of people wanting to go, due to the reasons above.

Another thing is the heat, around even far north this is normally the hottest days in the year, with the most sun.

You got all of these possible distractions in place, that can potentially harm the release of the game, and the hype it could get on release.

From a young adult's perspective, I want to spend those hot vacation days with my wife and kids.

From a parent's perspective, I would want to take my kids on holidays / out of the house to do stuff

From a young gamers perspective, it would be perfect, but I would get a lot of flack for sitting in everyday farming cotton instead of going outside of the house with my friends/family.

So who made the decision to put the release during the time when there is the biggest chance of people not being able to be here for release?

I have never heard of a game releasing in the middle of high season holiday times before?

Combining all of this into a total package, I feel like they picked the worst possible date. Either people are on holiday or its too hot and they wanna do outside activities.

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