Who else has already overthought a chest puzzle? (possible spoilers)

I overthought the chest in the trial where you get Magnesis…

I saw it on the ledge and tried to get the metal plank to make a ramp to it. Didn't work.

I noticed an inclined wall in the sage's room that was near the chest and took the blocks from the start of the room, bridged them across to get to the room, and used the two blocks and the metal plank to get myself on the wall.

I brought the plank up to the top of the wall, and then brought the blocks up. Unfortunately, I stacked the blocks wrong and one fell off, knocking me off and into the water. I couldn't reach the metal plank, so I went back to the very start and jimmied a metal plank through the narrow corridor (didn't help that it decided to go in perpendicular instead of parallel) and got to the water room (and saw that the former plank respawned as a bridge again).

It was then that I realized that the chest glowed when using Magnesis…

I nearly killed myself 3 times for such a simple puzzle…

I thought you'd maybe get a laugh at my ordeal due to overthinking, so I'm sharing this. Sometimes the solution to a puzzle is simpler than you think.

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