When screwing around with friends turns into a memorable (and depressing) experience

My friend is only really able to play Destiny for about 2~ hours every Friday night. Before this Friday, he was only about 359. I'll refer to him as Joe for now.

Joe, another friend and I were all farming PoE for about an hour since Joe wanted the Hawkmoon really bad. Eventually we get bored of hearing SYLOK, THE DEFILED so we try and find another thing to do. My other friend pops up the idea of doing the nightfall.

Joe is a little squeamish since he's only 359 and he's never done a nightfall, but I'm down for a skeleton key and another attempt at Icebreaker.

So we jump in (me being internally pessimistic and expecting multiple wipes) and it's smooth sailing up to the boss fight. There were some intense moments, some clutch invisibilities and bubbles. Eventually we complete it and get our sunrise bounty done. Me and my other friend get nothing, but Joe…

That little fucker got Icebreaker and still has yet to get his Gjally

I was dead inside, but still congratulated him on the Icebreaker and bumping up to 361 with his nightfall rewards.

Tl;dr, Took low light level friend through his first nightfall, friend got Icebreaker, I died inside.

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