What’s wrong with the beta: my suggestions

I really enjoyed the beta of this game and this is my feedback about it. I played it in single player only so I will only talk about that.

1) First of all AI should be able to drive especially when we use a vehicle with less than 4 seats. If I take a car with 2 seats AI should take another car and follow me.

2) When I run, AI isn't as fast as I am and I always have to wait for them.

3) We should be able to disable the orange/purple clouds on the map, it makes the game too easy because we know almost exactly where enemies are. But I don't want to completely disable the map, just clouds.

4) NPC are almost useless, they should react to how we play. They could help us or even attack us.

5) Helicopter and airplane controls should be improved.

6) We should be able to personalise our partners.

7) Sniper bullets seem to be way too slow.

8) They could add more gadgets to the game. Splinter Cell Blacklist gadgets are great for Stealth players, I really love them.

9) We need more variety in the secondary missions.

10) There should be something like a "bed" so we can choose when to get up and attack outposts in the night for example.

11) Enemy corpses shouldn't disappear.

12) When we take a weapon from an enemy it shouldn't disappear when we have a cut scene or a fast travel.

If you have any other ideas comment and upvote so that Ubisoft can see this!

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