Whats wrong with Arachne and how to make her better then just a pub stomp god

Arachne is in a bad spot. If one just looks at her win rate it may not see it, but Arachne is only good at casual or low to mid ranked levels, and anything higher then that you need to be VERY good with arachne to do anything. I love arachne to death and I have to admit she's not in a good spot, and the only time she was recently was with pre 4.0 Heartseeker.

How is she in a bad spot, she just totaly wrecks my games, you may be asking. Allow me to go into detail. Arachne is the definition of a Pub stomp god. She has great 1v1 skills and can beat almost anyone 1v1 if she can get close. A lot of newer players or people who don;t know how to deal with arachne can easily feed her and once she is ahead she is very hard to stop. But that can be said for any character. However with Arachne if you know how to deal woth her, don't go on your own too often, and ward correctly, she will never be able to surprise gank you and you can easily get away.

Arachne is the only god in the game thats forced to build multiple movement speed items for her to be effective. with only her web has a means to catch people, she needs to be fast. Luckily the movement and Power tree works well with her kit but she prefered old heartseeker to the new one. She got more AS, and extra power with all her skills, that boosted her strong Auto damage and her 1 damage.

Arachne is also an early game god, but unlike other early game gods like Thanatos, Neith, Chaac, anhur, ect, Arachne does absolutly nothing late game. Thanatos can execute, stun, silence. Neith and Anhur are still ADC's that can outbut good damage from a distance, plus provide CC for the team. Chaac can slow and silence and be a front liner. All Arachne can do is throw a web, and hope to pick someone off that may stray out of line or but the mage in the middle of a team fight. Even loki can instant kill someone from a safe distance with his stealth and ult. Arachne has to walk up to someone to do it.

Arachne is very easily counter built by just 1 or 2 items. Winged blade, and more importantly, Midgaurdian mail. that First one is annoying since it makes your only way to chase a target obsolete, unless you get a ton of movement speed items, but the later just stop arachne from doing anything. Sure she make ignore the Movement slow if she is on her web but the AS slow just kills any chance she has at killing the person with it unless she is really ahead.

Her 2 is near useless. a 3 hit AS buff and a stun only if you hit the target 3 times. just 1 missed auto can screw it up. No other stun in the game is this hard to confirm. Kali gets an instant AoE stun that also gives her power, but arachne gets a 1 target stun that can fail if she hits a minion once, and an AS boost thats just for 3 hits is barely anything. Medusa only gets a 3 hit one but she also gains extra power and poison, plus its ranged.

Her spiders are useless late game, and she is the only god with pets that do not gain something from their master. Nu Wa minions gain HP from her. Kuzenbo's nene gets HP and protections. Kaldr gains Movement and AS. Erland's dog gains reduced on hit effects he has. Baka's Puke gains his penitration. Vulcan's canon gains his penitration and some of his power. Bastets cats gain some of her power.. Arachne's spiders gain absolutly nothing, not even any of her power, and she is the only god in the game like that with a damageing attack. Sure they hurt on their own but 1 ability tends to kill them even at level 1, leaving only the slow. The slow and webtrail is all arachne gains end game and when its much harder to just walk up to someone then its almost useless unless you catch someone alone in the jungle.

And speaking of her webs, they can easily get stopped by a wall even if the line targer showed it would go part it this is quite annoying when trying to web someone up for a kill and some part of the wall clips the web as it travels even it you aimed away from it.

So all in all, arachne may be kinda strong early but thats it. if she doesn't get fed or is only even she does little to nothing for your team. Even Bakasura can regurgitate and cause havok for a little while. Arachne can't even do that. She can at beast hope someone is dumb and walks out of position and she catches them.

So how does one fix this? Well without a major rework, which she already got once, I have a few ideas. She needs to have an even better 1v1 and also gain some team fight potional.

First off give her a little more base protections and health, since she is required to walk up to someone even in a team fight she should function how mages like Zhong work. That was give her more protections while leveling so she's not too strong at level 1 but strong end game protection wise.

Second, Add that her autos also gain bonus penitration as she attacks lower health targets. maybe 1% every 5% missing health of the target, so at 95% missing health she gains flat pen. Her current passive is nice but more penitration on just the autos would make it better but not game breaking. it just makes her job at picking off low targets easier.

Third, her 2 needs changes. Make it that the buff won't vanish after 3 hits. Make it that you can only stun 1 target, but you keep the AS the full 6 seconds, or if that is too strong make the AS reduced after a target is stunned by half.

Forth, her spiders need buffing. At least let them gain some of her power and health, so they actually do damage and can live a bit late game.

And Last, and this one would be the most extreme addition to her kit, I would suggest that her Webs have a longer range, can travel through walls, and Arachne can walk over walls if they have a web trail on it. This would give her a lot of things she is missing. A way to gank easier, a way to chace people who leap over walls, and an escape that doesn't require her ult. I know this may be a bit extreme but its something I have wanted for her since they were first teasing her rework

And there you have it. If she got all those changes she may get too strong, but even some of them would be nice and help her out. I Feel that these would mostly assist her at higher levels of play then lower levels, at least all the changes but that last one.

TLDR: what are you saying go read it :p J/K Arachne is bad outside of low levels and needs adjustments to be releivent in higher tiers of play, but not making her too OP at lower levels.

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