What would happen… if player chests could only be looted when their clan was online?

A thought experiment.
Suppose there are two clans. Red and Blue.

The Red clan offline raids the Blue clan, and they smash all the chests. But no items come out, instead all items are teleported to a special Vault.
*Each clan can build one vault but only at their main land-claim location.

If Red clan finds their vault and smashes that too, it simply disappears.
Red clan goes full grief mode and destroys virtually anything of structure of value remaining.

The next time Blue clan logs in, they can stake out a new piece of land and begin to rebuild. Once they feel safe with some walls, blue clan decides to craft a new Vault. The vault contains all of the items from their old vault, before they were raided. Now they can begin to build this new area a little faster and pick backup.

Here's what I think might happen:
~Raiders are not incentivized to grief players unless its really worth the effort.
They are encouraged to on-line raid a clan, if they want to steal any items.
Otherwise players wanting to loot from enemies would have to go out and find them in wild as they gather or grind.
~If the best way to collect loot from players is online open world PVP, then you would gather close to your base and friends for protection. Groups and ambushes become more of a thing
~Now being offline raided is just a minor set back. You don't have to quit a server if you are offline raided or your base is destroyed.
~Reduction in 'snowball raiding' where clans get all of your explosives, to raid more, to get more explosives etc. They would at least have to fight through an on-line defense.

What do you think would happen? Would this be good for PVP or bad for PVP?

Currently I feel like the Rust/Arc/Conan raiding system boils down to players fighting walls, and walls fighting players.
This isn't fun, and one could probably achieve the same experience if there were no other players at all.

What do we want raiding to be about? Stealing all of another player's investment and forcing them to rage quit the server forever? Or should raiding be about group PVP flavored with a dash of defensive structures, strategy, and organization.

Please share your thoughts, I want this thread to be full of other ideas than my own.

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