What to expect in Age of Triumph

Here is a compiled list of everything coming this month with Age of triumph. Thank you for /u/RiseofBacon and our mods /u/D0cR3d and /u/MisterWoodhouse for providing a lot of the details during the stream.

  • Release date is March 28, 2017. This is the last event for all of Destiny 1.

  • Light level is not increasing.

  • All Raids are being brought up to light level 390.

    • Weekly featured raids will have all the challenges available
    • Challenge modes unlock Age of Triumph ornament
    • New rewards from old raids
    • New raid sparrows and ghosts
    • New armor will drop at 400 light
    • Updated raids available when they are not the weekly, however not until that raid has been the weekly, so Crota will be available Week 2 and VoG and Crota during Week 3.
    • Crota's End has been fixed and has some changes.
    • Week 1 is CE, Week 2 is VoG, and Week 3 is KF
    • All raids are going to have new armor sets and ornaments
    • Patch notes will be very vague on Raid changes as to not spoil the new changes.
  • New record book comprised of 13 pages.

  • Special milestone to celebrate Day 1 players, which rewards an emblem.

  • Age of Triumph 'Commemoration' and Story pages will be auto fill in.

  • Class Specific pages each comprised of the same milestones:

    • 250 melee kills
    • Crucible quests
    • Super Kills
  • Emblem is awarded for each completed page for the classes

  • Strike and crucible specific pages

    • Crucible pages have to be completed after the launch of the event.
  • Raid specific pages

    • 4 new challenge modes for the raids
    • elemental primaries are back
    • 400 Vex Mythoclast has been officially confirmed
    • Elemental primary sandbox changes will be announced in the 3rd reveal stream
  • Collections pages

    • Collect all shaders, ships and ghosts
    • Not all of them are required to complete the nodes
  • Faction Pages

    • Get rank 25 in all 3 factions
    • Iron banner only rank 5
  • Trials of Osiris page

    • Flawless victory node
    • It is retroactive so if you went flawless before, you are fine.
    • Wrecking ball node, Special kills node, and revives node
  • All rewards are emblems

    • Reward for hitting rank 7 is a t-shirt offer from Bungie. Shirt is Blue, with the Age of Triumph crest and your gamertag or a personal note.

This is looking to be one of the most exciting updates we have had to date. Bungie's got a lot in store for us. See you starside Guardians.

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