What to expect from this game?

I love games that let me do stuff on my own.

I want to set the context about what I'm trying to look for in this game;

My big brother just bought a PS4 Pro and I'm currently playing FF XV on it. Being a sucker for exploration, the first thing I did was ignore the first main quest and tried to check every nook and cranny I can get to, which my big brother was kinda annoyed with and told me that I should at least get to the point where I could ride chocobos. If I keep up with my getting side tracked, he just tells me he wants to continue his game and makes me leave. I don't want to tell him off for playing the way I want to because it's his PS4 (I can't afford my own).

You see, he doesn't have curiosity to do the things I do and what he usually only plays games mostly for the story. In fact, he always uses trainers for his PC games just so he could zip through the ending a.s.a.p. I badly want to tell him to just watch a YouTube cutscene compilation of those games instead.

So does this game's story play a very big part? Or does it simply serve as a background of the players' adventuring just like how Zelda BotW's story is?

My big bro is thinking about getting this game because of the pretty good reviews. I'm kinda hoping the the story in this game is almost non-existent so that he'd be disappointed for trying to ignore most of the things this game has to offer.

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