What subclasses could look like in Destiny 2 – Separate PvE & PvP [fan-art]

With Destiny 2 on the horizon, i thought i'd put together what I'd like to see with subclasses in the future. There's always a battle in the community, on one hand we want to feel like superhuman gods with space magic, but on the other hand, we want fair and balanced competitive game-play.

That's why i've developed a concept on what i'd like to see in Subclasses for Destiny 2.

Concept: http://imgur.com/a/OP0aJ

Note: nodes are for visual reference only

Each subclass would have 3 sections:

Essence – These are intrinsic perks to every subclass, they provide the unique abilities that make that subclass what it is. These options will play the same in PvP and PvE.

Battle – These perks are only functional when 'Fighting Minions of the Darkness' (PvE). They would be more 'outlandish' perks & abilities that enhance your character to have crazy awesome stuff, that would simply be unbalanced in PvP. This could be a crazy jump, grenade, enhanced super, or specific class-like selections such as 'tank mode' for titans etc.

Combat – These would only activate in PvP, and would be toned down perk selections that might be useless in PvE, but provide a nice niche in PvP.

Both Battle & Combat modes have their own Armor, Recovery, and Agility stat bars which would be determined by the combination between the 'essence' and their relevant perk selections.

You would be able to select 1 perk in each tree, the 'essence' perk would be complemented by the perk you select in either Battle or Combat.

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