What other Quality of Life changes would you like to see from Team Ninja?

From the last patch we can see that Team Ninja is willing to give us QoL changes, so what are some you would like to see?

Me personally would like to see some improvements made to the forging system as I am sure many people would as well.

One I can think of is a secondary method for getting smithing texts besides just adding them to the teahouse (Which I don't have a problem with, but I am not much of an online player so it is kind of hard to farm glory), one way I can think of is that after you have a certain equip disassembled a number of times, like say 100, you gain the ability to craft that equip.

For the perfectionists in the room like myself I would like to see a way to maximize a stat without having to beat down RNGesus, either by pouring hundreds of spirit chucks or divine fragments and tons of gold to have a stat reach its full potential or something along those lines. Take a bit of the edge of forging off by taking out one of the random elements would be nice.

And it would also be nice of the limit on all smithing materials got bumped up to 9999, but that might be too greedy or asking too much.

Anyway, what kind of QoL changes would you like to see?

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