What is your biggest ‘WTF?’ moment in WoW?

I can only remember one time where I was left speechless in real life, thinking to myself 'WTF?'. I had just hit level cap on my newly created DK in WoTLK. A lot of my friends/guildies had taken breaks from the game until WoTLK was launched; that night an officer from our guild logged in and informed us she had been playing on a different realm with friends who she knew in real life, which was fair enough. At the time I was logged into my hunter and was trying to speed run through Northrend as I was a bit bored of my DK.

She asked us how we were all doing and at the time I was the only person in the guild who had rolled a DK and capped it. After about ten minutes or so, I realised our officer had stopped replying to me in guild chat but everyone else was speaking to her. I sent her a whisper and I was ignored. I put in guild chat 'Why is she ignoring me?' and they I got about four whispers saying get on TS right now.

Anyway, I boot up TS and join the server and hear a load of rage; I was tabbed out at the time, I tabbed back in to see all of my characters were removed from the guild, followed by the character I was on at the time. Everyone was startled. I decided to pipe up on TS and ask what was going on, and the officer replied 'You rolled a DK, they are the cancer of this game and the reason that it's ruined. It's wrecked the game single-handedly and you're one of the c*nts who has decided to jump on the bandwagon.'

The guild was quite a serious raiding guild at the time, so obviously everyone was shocked. She found out that a few other guildies had just made DK's to try out the starting area or for fun and started kicking them out of the guild. At the time, I was donating around 1,000g per week for the guild tabs as well as putting in mats and potions etc. I was sitting outside Goldshire Inn after logging onto my main, and she ran up and showed me all of the mats and gold I had donated to the guild over time and just put 'All mine, serves you right for making a scum DK' and then ignored me on my main, too.

Obviously, this caused a backlash in the guild and we ended up reforming under a different GM. She uploaded pictures to the guild forums of scars on her wrists and said we had pushed her into 'emotional pain' by 'associating with Blizzard's fuckeries' and stated she was going to self harm. A couple of weeks later she realm transferred every character she had and just disappeared, at the time I was only a teenager so I really didn't know how to handle the situation.

TL;DR – An officer in my guild came back for Wrath and decided she hated DK's because they were OP and they were ruining the game and they were a money making scheme for Blizzard (LOL?) and kicked me out of a guild which I had put a lot of effort into over the years of playing because I had a DK, then kicked everyone in the guild who had made one or had one in the guild roster…

What are your biggest WTF moments?

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