What is a “guard break”?

Is "guard break"


  1. A generic term for when a character loses ki when they block an attack (like ki damage but when the attack is blocked).

  2. The actual act of breaking a character's guard when they are hit with no ki left and are subsequently staggered and open to final blows

  3. Something else entirely?


I think it is number 1, but I am not sure. The tooltip for "Toughness" says "Resistance to guard breaks and ki damage". In which case the phrasing "resistant to guard breaks" doesn't mean that you're staggered for less or something like that, it just means you are resistant to having your guard broken because you lose less ki when you block an attack? Is that correct?


Part of my confusion comes from the tooltips on "X Attack Break %" attributes. For example, "Mid Attack Break 10%"s tooltip says "Increases the chances of a mid stance break". That makes it sound like break is a random event that procs based on chance. But it could just mean you have a better chance of breaking an enemy's guard since they will lose more ki when they block your mid stance attacks.


I have run into a few different explanations of guard break, but I am still a little confused (mostly due to the obtuse tool tips that all use slightly different phrasing). Any clarification is appreciated, thanks guys!

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