What if players dropped special ammo on death?

So currently I'm enjoying the special ammo changes and playing primarily with a primary again. However I do agree with people that the special weapon meta is a bit boring because everyone is running with sidearms simply because getting special ammo is a pain in the arse. But what if a player drops a special ammo block if they currently have special ammo on them?

What this would do is essentially balance Sidearms as players using them will pretty much always drop ammo on death for the opponent so that they can use their special weapon. If you're good with a sidearm then it's not a problem as you'll be getting kills with it. If you're bad with them then you'll only be feeding special to the opposing team and will encourage players to switch off them.

It also keeps players in the thick of things. Instead of running to a box you have a chance of your opponent dropping special for you and then you can get a few kills.

Ice breaker becomes a double edge sword as you will always be generating ammo and so if you die your opponents will get special. Unfortunately NLB and UR will be unaffected but people who use them tend to use a sidearm as well anyway.

It's already in the game for heavy in Mayhem so it's not unreal for bungie to add this for special in other modes.

To keep things fair I think people would only ever drop a max of 1 magazine, regardless of how much special they have in reserves.

Not sure if it should drop just for the opponent who killed them or if it should be a public drop so you can kill someone and then you or a teammate could pick it up or even an opponent just to keep you on your toes!


I'm not a Trials or Elimination player and my ideas above were mainly focussed on 6v6 game modes. However it might affect it in a positive way. As I said above using Sidearms would feed your opponents ammo unless you can reliably get kills with them. NLB and UR usage might drop as they're likely using a sidearm with them which means if you can kill them then you get ammo.

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