What I Would Love to See

I've made a post like this months back and with the updates I would like to comment again.

MAP- We have all heard of Z3 in the works for JS but what I would specifically like to see is at least the map be doubled in size. New map would definitely intrigue older players as Z1 has gotten stale after 25 months of playing.

LIGHTING- It has been adjusted but I feel the contrast can definitely be changed. Darker is better but it should also look nice.

BUILDINGS- Add more detail to these buildings, almost like that of Z2. The texture of the broken cars and buildings are actually refreshing

WATER- Give us the ability to swim, craft wooden boats for faster travel across the map. Downstream rivers make you go fast, upstream rivers make you go slow. Lakes just have a neutral speed. Of course with this, people will lose the ability to build in water (which in my opinion is much needed).

LANDMARKS- I feel we should see additions to nature. Things that we can discover and name-off. A waterfall here. A cave in this area (good loot cache spots). Don't just make the area between cities a combination of grass and trees. Give us caves, mountains to waterfalls you feel?

NIGHT- Make this a horror game. This map is not based in New York City. We should NOT be able to see at night-time. If we want to see we should have to use a damn flashlight. Risk being seen for being able to seen. Thus, giving night-vision goggles a goddamm purpose.

BASE BUILDING- Y'all have already announced that so I'll leave you with your imagination.

ZOMBIES- Make zombies already present in cities, not just spawn when people are there. That way people don't just see zombies and immediately know someone is there. Make zombies completely f*ck you up. Some L4D2 zombies out there. Not the specials, the regular zombies. If you get bit have it mess with your comfort and speed and what not. With that said…

H1Z1- Add the goddamm virus and make it do something

Just some suggestions I have..

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