What happend to athena?

Why no one plays her? one argument i heard was: * "Her level 1 is trash"

But thats simply not the case. if you trigger your passive at level 1 (pick your shield wall ofcourse) and use it on the first wave, then hit the archers/melee (depends on the enemy support/adc and the danger) and then hit again your passive on the full wave, you're almost clearing the wave by yourself, with any adc this wave is cleared super fast as long as you hit both ticks of your shield wall.

Why i think she's good:

  • She doesn't have too many bad match ups

    you should be careful from dashing into a khepri abduct, artemis trap, sobek pluck and ymir freeze ofcourse, but you can dash from the archers to your melees, or simply walk up to the archers and use shield wall. or even hit a god with your passive to aggro all creeps to you so you can stack the entire wave with shield wall (a bit risky)

  • Her big advantage over other guardians is that she can roam around the map, get traveler's passive from the entier enemy team, farm with the jungler and still be a threat to every lane because of her ultimate. in this meta where clearing the jungle asap is important, athena fits perfectly.

  • She has one of the best CC in the game, taunt is a huge cone, instant set up to popular gods right now, medusa "petrify", thoth "final judgment", scylla "im a monster" Posiedon "Kraken" etc.

  • She has a good passive against hunters which are pretty strong this season.

To conclude, athena fits the meta, her level 1 is solid overall, not the best, but definitely not the worst, her ultimate gives her an edge over other supports because she can farm more and still be relevent, her cc set up all the popular gods in the meta right now and she has a good passive.

But why no one plays her? not in ranked or in SPL (i didn't watch last night's spl matches but other than these i didn't see athena at all)

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